Bringing Out The Best In Outcome Focused Employees

By November 9, 2015 Lumina Spark

Today’s topic is the outcome focused aspect. This aspect can apply to people who are objective, rational and who enjoy working hard to outperform their colleagues. In the face of challenge, those with this aspect take a logical and direct approach then communicate in a very direct, to the point fashion. Outcome focused people are not afraid voicing their opinions; they are not afraid of conflict and can be tough negotiators. Outcome focused people appreciate the well-considered ideas of others however, they dislike conversations where is waffle, indecision or talking for the sake of talking. The key words to describe the qualities of this aspect are tough, competitive and logical.

Like all of the human qualities, when person is coming from their underlying or everyday persona, the aspect will show up as a wonderful quality

However, when the people focused aspect is in overextension, the qualities will reveal their shadow sides.

When the outcome focused person is overextended they become overly focused and driven by their projects. Their energy pushes people away as they forget to listen to others or consider their feelings. They seem cold, rational and argumentative. They can be sceptical of other people and can be so focused on logical views that they can undermine to confidence of others.

As a leader, you have got to keep your eyes and ears open to be able to spot these signs and then intervene. If you are over extended, be honest with yourself and take a good hard look at how your energy is affecting, may be even debilitating your workforce.

If you spot it in a direct report you have got to talk to this person and together, figure out what is causing the over extension and what can be done to resolve it. In the state of over extension the ability to deliver results and contribute to the success of organizational goals will naturally be extremely limited.

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