Part II:  Coach Practitioner (Certificate)

Phase II

The next phase goes deeper into learning and practicing the 11 ICF coaching competencies. These sessions align with the ICF Prism standards of a true coaching culture as described in the introductory module. The material takes about 35 hours to complete. Participants continue practicing the competencies as they work toward building the foundations for a robust organizational coaching.

This phase dives deep:

  • How to lead a transformational coaching conversation
  • How to use the GROW model and the SMART model for effective goal-setting
  • The most important communication skill of all: listening
  • Mastering clean and powerful language
  • How to build a coaching culture:
    • The three coaching modalities
    • Purpose, vision and mission
    • Stakeholder mapping and benefits
    • Coaching tools and templates for leaders
    • The Coaching Handbook

Students will be coached by a CorryCo coach who has a minimum of an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential.

Part II Details

35 hours classroom

3 hours private coaching per person


  • 10 half-day sessions
  • 5 one-day sessions
  • 2 two-day retreats
  • A five-day retreat

Tuition: $2,775.00 per individual, with a minimum of 5 people per group