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“Knowledge has value only insofar as it contributes to the all-round development of the whole nature of man.”

― Rudolf Steiner

Inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s quote, we believe that people contain all of the intelligence, wisdom and inner power they need to achieve their goals. Honouring this belief as part of our fundamental philosophy, our coaches work with the whole nature of their clients to bring out their gifts, explore them and then conduct transformational conversations that lead to the clients’ greater success and wellbeing – body, mind and soul.

Coaching is the most powerful and effective approach to enhancing human development and performance. We teach participants to recognize that the client – the person they are coaching – already has the answers, and the coach’s role is to lead transformational conversations that help the client to unlock his or her potential leading to accelerated, long-lasting performance improvement.

This course is a unique and powerful leadership development program that embraces our motto that for a company to thrive, the people must thrive.

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