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By November 17, 2015 Lumina Spark

Today’s topic is the people focused aspect. Those who embody the energy of this aspect are ready and willing to adapt their stance to accommodate others. They are not overly demonstrative and they tend to avoid giving negative feedback. They are quite well known for being trustworthy and they are the ones who like to trust others. People focused people seek harmony and approval and are usually the peacemakers of the group. They can acknowledge others in a group and genuinely appreciate their contributions. While they value the input and ideas of others and are capable of saying so, they tend to be uncomfortable with receiving praise for themselves. Because they can see the point of view of others easily, they are perceived as being considerate and courteous. The key words to describe the qualities of the people focused aspect are accommodating, collaborative and empathetic.

Like all of the human qualities, when person is coming from their underlying or everyday persona, the aspect will show up as a wonderful quality

However, when the people focused aspect is in over extension, the qualities will reveal their shadow sides.

In this case, you will spot it when they are having difficulty pointing out the short comings of others or letting others know when they feel let down. If this is you, you may very well hesitate to raise issues because you want to avoid disputes. Maybe you also go along with ideas that you don’t agree with just to avoid conflict? In over extension an unwillingness to compete and accept admiration means that their contributions can be overlooked. Another shadow issue is the inability to say no when someone needs a helping hand causing them to lose sight of what is important in their own work.

As a leader, you have got to keep your eyes and ears open to be able to spot these signs and then intervene. If you are over extended, be honest with yourself and take a good hard look at how your energy is affecting, may be even debilitating your workforce.

If you spot it in a direct report you have got to talk to this person and together, figure out what is causing the over extension and what can be done to resolve it. In the state of over extension the ability to deliver results and contribute to the success of organizational goals will naturally be extremely limited.

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