Phase 3 Cohort: 03-011823cr

The Coaching Academy for Leaders

Explore conscious leadership and servant leadership through the lens of your coaching practice. Understand employee engagement, customer loyalty, priorities, and workload management. This part of our program teaches coaching as a leadership style so it serves double duty as Phase 3 of the Certified Leadership Coach program and as a stand-alone leadership development program. It can be delivered without phases 1 and 2.

Learn to be an influential leader who can motivate and inspire teams to achieve company goals. Reduce conflict, mistakes, and misunderstandings through effective leadership behaviours.

Accreditation – Certified Leadership Coach
43.5 Hours ACSTH ICF
Duration – 30 Week Program
2.5 Hours Instruction per week plus self-directed learning
Language – Course is offered in English
Delivery – Small group format of 5 to 15 participants
Combination of video lessons, online live Coaching Practicums, and online live Explore and Discover Masterminds, plus private 1-to-1 coaching sessions
42 hrs total instruction + 1.5 hours private coaching (3 x 30-minute coaching sessions)

Jan 18, 2023 - Oct 18, 2023

Wednesdays 1pm-3pm EST

Break: March 6-10 and June 26 through Sept 15

Coach Educator: Corry Robertson, PCC

LOCK IN 2022 RATES: $5275 CAD $2275 when you enroll before Dec 31st, 2022
Payment Plans Available, choose your option:
One-time $2275 (Best Value)
$1237.50 x 2 Monthly Payments
$875 x 3 Monthly Payments


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