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Welcome to coaching!

Congratulations on making a commitment to becoming the best that you can be and thank you for the trust you are placing in me! Coaching is a practical, experiential and transformative experience and what you get out of it, depends entirely on how much quality time you put into it, before, during and after your session. I have designed a series of tools for you and I strongly encourage you to use them. Make it a habit to include about 15 minutes prep time before your coaching session so that you come to the call with a clear focus and desired outcome. After the call, invest another 15 minutes of reflection time to capture your insights and take aways. Print and save your work in a binder designated for coaching only.

** Please note that the interactive PDF files may not work in your current browser. For best performance, we suggest using Chrome to open those specific files.

Phase 1: These tools serve as the foundation for your coaching experience and are done once.

  • The New Client Guidebook to Professional Coaching [PDF]
  • Complete this Intake Form [Link]
  • Read this Coaching Agreement [PDF]
  • Complete this Life Wheel Assessment* [Link]
  • Priority Management Exercise (Big Rocks & Little Rocks) [Click here]

*Your link to your Lumina Spark Portrait will come in a separate e-mail.

Phase 2: This tool helps you clarify what you want to work on and why. It is recommended, when appropriate, to share your benchmark with your manager (stakeholder) so that she or he is aware of what you are working on and supports you in this personal and professional development plan. Your manager (stakeholder) may have valuable insights to share with you. Your benchmark will serve as your foundation for your goal planning in phase 3.

  • Benchmark Assessment [PDF]

Phase 3: Think through 1 to 3 goals that you want to achieve based on your benchmark assessment and share them with me and your manager (stakeholder) if appropriate. These goals will serve as areas of focus for your coaching calls and the tools below will allow you to organize your thoughts and clarify your intentions. Come back as often as you wish to download copies as you need them.

Phase 4: Come back to this section before and after each coaching session. Preparing for your call allows you to clear your head, get focused for a productive, meaningful session.
(Choose one or both)

  • Coaching Call Prep [Link]
  • Coaching Call Reflection [PDF]

Phase 5: These tools are designed to share your success with your manager and for your manager to share her or his observations with you.

  • Coaching Portfolio Presentation [PDF]
  • Portfolio Presentation (Manager/Stakeholder Version) [PDF]

I hope you enjoy the journey of transforming your potential to performance. This trek is not always easy, actually it can be quite strenuous. Dig deep, stick with it and always remember that as your coach I am here to support you every step of the way.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Off we go.

To book your call with me, see my real-time availability here: http://www.TalkWithCorry.Com

IMPORTANT: If you must cancel or reschedule your appointment please do so via the Calendly link provided in your confirmation e-mail. 24 hours notice via TalkWithCorry is required to cancel or reschedule a session without which the full hourly rate of $375.00 will be charged to your next invoice. E-mail, text message and voice mail messages are not accepted as means of cancellation or rescheduling. Thank you for your understanding.

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