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The Coaching Academy for Leaders

Our group mentor coaching program meets the ICF requirements for mentor coaching, so you can pursue and achieve your accreditation! All our Mentor Coaches are listed on the ICF Mentor Coach Registry and hold a valid PCC or MCC credential. You will be mentored on your coaching skills rather than on practice building, life balance, or other topics unrelated to the development of your coaching skill. Your mentoring will be a development process that takes place in a repetitive cycle of receiving feedback regarding your coaching, reflecting on this feedback, and practicing new skills, focusing on using the ICF core competencies.

Group Mentor Coaching Program Includes:
Small-group mentor coaching: minimum of 5 participants, maximum of 10 participants
11 total hours of mentor coaching
Performance Evaluation
Mentor Coaching is divided into GROUP and PRIVATE coaching sessions
Sessions are spaced out over a 3-month (or longer) period

> 8 total hours of group coaching work
> Sessions are 4 x 2 hour calls via Zoom (8 total hours)
> 3 total hours of 1:1 mentor coaching to provide you with feedback on your recorded sessions
> Sessions are 3 x 1 hour calls via Zoom (3 total hours)






Start Date: Jan 18, 2023

Wednesdays 10am-12pm EST

Dates: Jan 18, March 1, April 12, June 21

Coach Educator: Corry Robertson, PCC


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