Phase 1 Cohort: 01-091923bd

The Coaching Academy for Leaders

Develop your self-awareness, your ability to speed read others and build rapport with the Lumina Spark Psychometric Assessment. Build your confidence, knowledge, and experience with the 8 ICF Core Coaching Competencies and coach-specific training. Includes personalized feedback for success.

Accreditation – 66.5 Hours – Conforming to the standards of ICF Level 1 Pathway to ACC
Duration – 27 Week Program
2.5 Hours Instruction per week plus self-directed learning
Language – Course is offered in English
Delivery – Small group format of 5 to 15 participants
Combination of video lessons, online live Coaching Practicums, and online live Explore and Discover Masterminds, plus private 1-to-1 coaching sessions
65 hrs total instruction + 1.5 hours private coaching (3 x 30-minute coaching sessions)



Sept 19, 2023 - May 13, 2024

Tuesdays 8-10am EST

Break: Dec 19 through Jan 16

Coach Educator: Brian Duggan, PCC

Payment Plans Available, choose your option:
One-time $5275 (Best Value)
$915 x 6 payments
$465 x 12 payments

Only 6 Seats left 


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