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1. USERNAME – This is the name that will be used in your affiliate links, and will be viewable to your referrals, so pick something simple. We suggest your first name!

2. ACCOUNT EMAIL – This is where we will send you information and transactional emails.

3. PAYMENT EMAIL – We payout using e-transfer, so please add in an email where you wish to receive an e-transfer.

4. WEBSITE URL – If you don’t have a website, you can still be an affiliate! Simply add in the URL of your main social media account.

5. HOW WILL YOU PROMOTE US – Please give us 2 or 3 ideas of where you plan to promote our programs.

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Affiliate Partnerships

We’re so pleased to welcome you as a partner.  Please make sure to take a look at all of the blue links at the bottom of this page to tab through your affiliate options.


Step 1

Copy your REFERRAL URL (find it in the AFFILIATE URL tab below) and use that link to send people to our website – you will automatically be tracked as the referrer.  NOTE – this link will take your referrals to the Corry Robertson HOME PAGE.  If you want to send your referrals directly to The Coaching Academy for Leaders sales page, see Step 2.

Step 2

Use the REFERRAL URL GENERATOR (find it in the AFFILIATE URL tab below) to create personalized referral links to our available program.  Here’s how:

Copy and paste this link into the PAGE URL below:

Then click “Generate URL” button – this will create your own unique referral link.  Copy the link and use it in all of your emails, social media, and marketing efforts.

Step 3

Visit our Media Kit page to find copies of our logo and images that you can use to promote the program.  You can also look at the CREATIVES tab below for pre-made banners and graphics you can embed on your website or in your marketing.

Perfect! You’re on your way to earning payouts!  Need more help?  Contact us at:

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