Tuition, Registration and Policies

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We’re looking forward to growing with you

Our goal is to ensure your ROI is calculated not only in the results you bring to your team or organization, but also in how you achieve your personal targets and build a great place to work.

My promise to you

I’ve created the Academy with you in mind – your aspirations, your strengths and struggles, and your desire to create a workplace that works – with less stress and more harmony. I guarantee that this program has a proven process and track record and is based on decades of research and experience. If you follow our process and dedicate yourself to the journey, I guarantee you will see results.



Tuition rates are in CAD and do not include taxes.

Certified Leadership Coach
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The Certified Leadership Coach Program

Early Enrollment BONUS
Get 1 FULL YEAR MEMBERSHIP inside The Leadership Coach Community (worth $1164!) when you enroll before June 30th.

Coaching Fundamentals:
Level 1 Pathway To The ACC


Coaching Essentials:
The Leader As Coach Practitioner


Leadership Excellence for Coaches


Payment Plans Available for Individual Program Purchases

Early Enrollment BONUS
Get 1 FULL YEAR MEMBERSHIP inside The Leadership Coach Community (worth $1164!) when you enroll before June 30th.

Coaching Fundamentals and Coaching Essentials Payment Plans

6 Equal Payments                                  $915 x 6 Monthly Payments

$5490 Total

12 Equal Payments                               $465 x 12 Monthly Payments

$5580 Total

Leadership Excellence Payment Plans

2 Equal Payments                                  $1938 x 2 Monthly Payments

$3876 Total

3 Equal Payments                                  $1308 x 3 Monthly Payments

$3924 Total

All prices are in Canadian dollars, and do not include GST and PST.
Participants outside of Canada are Tax Exempt

Our Program Policies,
Terms and Conditions


Sessions need a minimum of five registered participants; maximum 15


Lunch and coffee break catering is not included.


Certificates are awarded to participants who have completed all the modules and practice requirements. Those who miss a module may do a make-up session (at $375 per hour).


Should the lead facilitator not be available, a suitable substitute will be provided.


A full commitment is required to take part in this course and, therefore, there is no refund for those who decide to withdraw.


The course will only take place with a minimum of five participants registered. If the course is cancelled prior to the start date, all monies will be reimbursed.


Corry Robertson reserves the right to dismiss students who interfere with the learning goals of the course. No refund will be granted in such a case.

Program Requirements
and Prerequisites


All Students must be interviewed by Corry Robertson to ensure the course suits their learning style, knowledge goals and commitment level.


Students must be available to practice coaching outside the classroom.


Students must be available to attend the course online at the prescribed times and coached over the phone.


Students must read and agree to abide by the Participant Agreement and Code of Conduct.

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