Professional Highlights

25 years of experience
Bachelor of Arts, Communication Studies, Concordia University
Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
Certified Graduate, Corporate Coach U: Advanced Corporate Coaching Program
ProSci Certified in Change Management
Conflict Management and Resolution
Lumina Spark Psychometric Assessment, Lumina Learning
Performance Improvement and Management Training
Wellbeing: Naturopath and Reiki Master
DISC Certified


About Me

Hi, Welcome to my Website and thank you for taking some time out to get to know me a bit better.

My clients are conscious leaders with a socially responsible mindset who want to build a great place to work. If you are like them, you have products and services that do good in this world.

You also know that to take your share of the market you need to build a great place to work. At the helm of great places to work are people who are well equipped to manage and lead their teams. You want your employees to be happy to come to work every day and give it their all because they love working for your company because of what you stand for and how you lead.

You want your managers to be the kind of bosses whom everyone loves reporting to and you know that this does not come naturally for most. It takes on going training, practice and coaching to be a great leader.

I love helping good people succeed. I have been supporting executives and emerging leaders since 2004. In addition to executive coaching, I am a group coach, leadership consultant, coach trainer and action learning facilitator with over 15 years experience in human performance improvement and management.

I have coached executives and aspiring leaders across geographies and from a wide range industries .

My business acumen combined with finely tuned coaching skills help my clients to discover insights, develop ideas and design solutions.

My clients enjoy their conversations with me because they are deeply meaningful yet highly strategic, productive conversations that uncover solutions for complex challenges.

I have international experience working with senior level executives in organizations ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. This depth and breadth of exposure to leadership challenges allows me to cross pollinate perspectives and help clients think outside of the box.

Industries include:

Automobile Manufacturing, Aerospace &Aviation, Banking, Compressor Manufacturing, Emergency Medical Response Services, Engine Manufacturing, Entertainment, Environmental Services, Finance and Insurance, Food and Beverage, Healthcare, Hospitality, Information Technology, Pharmaceutical, Publication Distribution, Renewable Energy, Luxury Retail, Satellite Technology, Social Media,  Software Development and Transportation

If my clients have one thing in common, it is that they are the kind of people who want their employees to feel alive from 9 to 5 and who agree that for a company to thrive, the people must thrive.

My Expertise:

Executive Coaching, ICF Leadership Coach Training for Managers, Conscious Leadership, Group Coaching, Coaching Culture, Coaching as a leadership style, Action Learning Facilitation, Executive Presence and Influence, Self Awareness, Effective Communication, Time and Stress Management, Personal wellbeing and self-care, Change Management, Conflict Management and Resolution, Goal setting, Productivity, Team Leadership, Pyschometric Assessments (AKA personality tests) and 360 degree feedback.

A Few Examples Of My Work:

  • I am the Founder and Principal of The Corry Robertson Coaching Academy For Leaders offering the ICF Certified Leadership Coach Program  for companies who wish to build an internal coaching bench and for managers to use coaching as a leadership style.
  • I approach Leadership development with a focus on real-time issues enabling situational coaching conversations. I am future focused and solution oriented. Here are a few cases:
    • A President wanting to transform the culture of the organization to be able to attract, retain and engage employees. Working together for two years, the client and I met to explore who he needed to be as a leader to achieve the company goals and from there, I custom designed a leadership development program for the senior management team so that they too may understand and embrace the new culture. I coached  the President and executive team members on a one-on-one basis and facilitated the leadership development program using action learning facilitation techniques. The company was able to co-create an employer brand and culture strategy that allowed them to align around the fit between their business strategy and the culture that would enable their current and new employees to thrive within the organization. Over time, their reputation in the industry improved and were this able to more easily attract new candidates.
    • A senior executive struggling with change management: Massive changes were causing change exhaustion, employee burnout and a high turnover. Coaching involved change leadership conversations to sensitize the executive to the difference between project management and the human side of change. Together we worked through an effective change management strategy as well as the leadership style necessary to successfully transform the organization.
    • A brilliant and dynamic young executive being groomed to rise up through the ranks but needed to improve on her communication style and executive presence. She was told that she needed to become self aware as her comportment was perceived to be “condescending, patronizing and overpowering in a group setting”.  Her approach was creating obstacles as peers no longer wanted to collaborate with her and became unwilling to execute on her requests. Within the first 3 months, the client was able to develop the reflex of self awareness, reframe the context of the original feedback into a future focused and goal oriented mission to improve. She continues to be highly receptive and engaged in coaching.
    • A strong, no-nonsence, plain talking executive struggling with executive presence and strategic communication: The client was disheartened because the demands on his department were accelerating as the company grew at an exceptional rate. To meet the company goals, he needed 10 new hires however, each time he tried to present his case, the CEO would shut him down. After 4 months, the client had learned how to communicate effectively and strategically thus received approval for his plan to increase his department.
    • A C-Suite Executive on a mission to explore his own unconscious bias and how to get past these limiting beliefs. Coaching involved discussing the real time, day to day interactions he was having with his colleagues and employees. He used his coaching time to review and reflect upon his actions and reactions to given communication  and work styles of women, people of colour, members of the LBGTQ community, people of different generations and other men like him. His goal was to overcome the blind spots created by limiting beliefs so that he could be more sure that he was being fair and developing the true potential of each person.
    • A hospital changing from public to private: I was engaged in training over 20 senior staff members to be ICF certified, internal leadership coaches and to facilitate the creation of a brand new coaching department within the organization.
    • A fast growing software development company grooming high potentials to rise into management roles: Following a tailor made approach of private coaching, leadership development and action learning facilitation, I prepared the team for new challenges.
    • An international luxury brand seeking to improve client loyalty by building employee engagement. I worked as part of a team to help employees co-create the customer experience expected by consumers of luxury products. Using action learning facilitation and group coaching techniques, I helped the employees improve their self awareness and awareness of the customer mindset leading them to produce an employee made policy manual for client service.


For leaders who want to develop the potential of those who work for them, I have created the The Corry Robertson Coaching Academy for Leaders.

I teach your managers and aspiring leaders how to use coaching as a leadership style and how to leverage the power and potential of coaching cultures.

This one of a kind program is unique because it blends the coaching competencies with leadership theory.

We are accredited by the International Coach Federation so our students graduate as ICF Certified Coaches, ready for credentialing via the ICF portfolio path. We are also recognized by the Order of Human Resource Professionals (CRHA Quebec) and as such, we are authorized to offer continuing education credits to HR professionals.

The professionalism, integrity and knowledge of Corry is second to none. Her coaching and resource development workshops are results orientated and her ability to faciliate them makes thoses results obtainable.

Richard Cox | Owner, RAC/JEC Consultants Inc.

A hard-working, diligent colleague with the motivation to deliver 100 percent every day. She had the uncanny ability to zero in on the side of an issue or problem that I hadn't seen and make me aware of it without making me feel that she was trying to prove anything.
October 11, 2010, Jim worked with Corry at The Pillars

Jim Duff | Editor at Hudson/St. Lazare Gazette

I was, quite simply, lost. I was embarking on a new career, after 25 years in my previous career, and didn't quite know where to start. Corry helped make sense of what was in my head - my own ideas - and give flight to them! I have new appreciation for the coaching process - and increased appreciation for the excellent job of it that Corry does!

Glynis E. Devine (MacDavid) | HOST at MoMondays Montreal

Corry is an excellent facilitator/coach who is focused on excellence, client satisfaction and results. She endorses the Code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation and stays in integrity with her values. Corry's enthusiasm for the work she does is inspiring and infectious. I am proud to have her as a colleague.

Marlene Durrell | Executive Coach/Leadership Trainer/Facilitator at The Walmsley Group Inc.

Corry’s mandate was to provide training in customer service and management in the fall of 2008. More than just delivering training, Corry contributed to bring positive change in our environment through her inspirational leadership, strong knowledge and insight of business, people and organizational effectiveness. Our teams reported that the training made a difference, both... in their professional and personal lives. Corry: thank you so much for sharing your talent with us. It was a memorable journey!

Nicole T-de Montigny | CRHA, CHRP Senior Consultant, Human Resources