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Our Bench of ICF Certified and

Credentialled Coaches

Brought to you by The Coaching Academy for Leaders

Looking for a professional coach to support you on your journey to maximize your personal and professional potential?

Our C3 Bench consists of coaches trained by The Coaching Academy for Leaders so you can be assured of excellence in your coaching experience.

All Our Coaches Are ICF Coaching Professionals

Peruse the bios of our graduates and faculty members to find a coach who is among the best that the coaching industry has to offer. Coaches who have completed an ICF Accredited coach training program and are in the process of earning, maintaining, or advancing their credentials are professionals who uphold the highest standards and ethics of the coaching industry.

Each of our thoroughly vetted and trained coaches can support you as you transform your potential into performance so that you can achieve your professional and personal goals.

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How It Works

Our C3 Bench is organized according to seniority, with coaches with the most seniority at the top of the list, followed by The Coaching Academy for Leaders graduates who are furthest along the ICF credentialing pathways.

Our coaching services are offered on a retainer basis for unlimited coaching, free rescheduling, and free no-shows. New clients are entitled to a Lumina Spark Psychometric assessment and group debrief.

Coaching For Individuals or Organizations

Our C3 Bench is perfect for individuals looking to find a Professional ICF Certified and Credentialled Coach.

If your organization is in need of several coaches, we can also accommodate that requirement. Please contact us for details.

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Meet Our C3 Bench Coaches

Corry Robertson BA, PCC and currently on the pathway to the MCC

Founder, CEO and Director of Education at The Coaching Academy for Leaders

Coaching Education: Coach U Certified Graduate of The Advanced Corporate Coaching Program, Conscious Business Coaching, Breakthrough Coaching

Coaching Experience: Coaching leaders since 2004

Leadership Development Experience: Conflict Resolution, Change Management, Performance Improvement, Communication, Psychometrics for teams and individuals

Experience as a Leader: Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO and Director of Education, Board Member, Account Executive Business Development

Availability: Tuesday to Thursday 10 am to 3 pm EST

Brian Duggan, MTh, MA, PCC

Faculty member at The Coaching Academy for Leaders

Coaching Education: Master of Arts in Executive and Organizational Coaching, Certificate in Executive Coaching, Advanced Diploma in Professional Coaching Royal Roads University

Coaching Experience: Coaching leaders for leadership Development since 1998

Leadership Development Experience: Psychometrics for individuals and teams; leadership skills: conflict resolution, communication, team building

Experience as a leader: Small Business Owner, Board Member, Author

Availability: Tuesdays to Thursday 8:00 am to 3:00 pm EST

Melanie Briand, M.Sc., ACC

Faculty member at The Coaching Academy for Leaders

Coaching education: Professional and Personal Coach Certification (PPCC) from Concordia University; The Coaching Academy for Leaders

Coaching experience: Coaching leaders since 2018

Leadership Development Experience: Interpersonal skills, Communications, Motivation, Leadership styles, and Psychometrics for teams and individuals.

Experience as a Leader: manager of multiple teams, professor in the executive MBA, small business owner

Availability: Monday to Friday day or evening EST; Saturday 10-2 pm EST


Enza Cignarella, MBA, BA, PPCC, ACC

Faculty member at The Coaching Academy for Leaders

Coaching Education: Certificate in Professional and Personal Coaching; The Leader as Coach Practitioner
(The Coaching Academy for Leaders)

Coaching Experience: Coaching leaders since 2014

Leadership Development Experience: Enterprise Transformation, Change Management, Capability
Building, Leader Effectiveness, Performance Improvement, Workshop Design, Virtual Facilitation

Experience as a leader: Corporate Executive in Pharmaceutical Multinationals, Sessional University
Lecturer, Non-Profit Board Service

Availability: TBA

Joanne Hale, BA, Leadership Coach - Level 1

Coaching Education: ICF Certified Coach Professional  – The Coaching Academy for Leaders

Coaching Experience: ICF Certified Coach – ICF Level 1 effective 2022

Leadership Development Experience: Fortune 500 Business Leadership, Consultant, Advisor and Mentor since 1995, Leadership Communication, Strategic Thinking & Deployment, Stakeholder Management, Operations, Leading Change & Transformation, Strategic People Management, Cross Functional Team Development, Partnership Management

Experience as a Leader:  Multi-Disciplinary Corporate Executive, Executive Director, Non-profit Chair & Board Member, Entrepreneur and Founder, Consultant

Availability: Monday, Wednesday – Friday (am only) 7:30am – 9:30am, 4:30pm – 7:30pm

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To begin a coaching engagement with one of our Professional Coaches, simply book a call with Corry Robertson to ensure you find the right coach for you or your organization.

Learn More About Executive Coaching

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Here’s What They’re Saying

“I strongly believe leadership is about personal reflection on oneself and how one communicates with others. Coaching is the perfect practice to deepen the art of observing oneself and noticing how your thoughts and actions have an impact on one’s life. I have been so glad and grateful to have found Corry. I have taken away so much from it that will help me continue on my journey to being authentic and true to myself in my daily actions at work and in helping others.”

Alice Rainey

Executive Coach and Primary Care Practitioner

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