In Defence of Science


Does Science really need defending? Michael Specter thinks it does. Take a look here

I watched the video and think that he touches on many important points. One thing that comes through so strongly is that his bold and straight talk are starkly juxtaposed to the depth and complexity of the issues that he broaches.

Sniper journalism, if I may coin a phrase.

The issues that he snipes at are, in and of themselves, symptoms of a deeper societal problem. To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? We can find doctors and scientists on both sides of the issue. Who do we trust?

Organic food or not organic? We put dinner on the table and hope there are more nutrients in the meal than poisons.
We hope that our purchases support the economy and do not lead to the corporate monopolization of farming, the pollution of the earth, the bankruptcy of farmers. We hope that our purchases create jobs and not the exploitation of workers or the abuse of animals.

Michael, thanks for sticking up for science but does your educated and intelligent audience really needed to be reminded of scientific valour?

The deep societal problem is that we are overexposed to information and underexposed to knowledge. We are overexposed to opinions and underexposed to wisdom. There are so many experts out there yet so few viable solutions. In our consumer society, we must be mindful of each purchase we make because a purchase has impact and a purchase is an endorsement. What do you endorse?

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