Inspirational leadership brings happy endings

By March 30, 2010 The Compassionate Edge


The restaurant saga ends happily. After I posted the story here and fed it into face book, twitter and linked-in, you can well imagine that it stirred up quite a few comments! Following the post, I wrote to the establishment and advised them that if they would like to learn of our recent experience, they could visit my blog and I provided the link. That very day, I received a return e-mail thanking me for the link and that they would find out more on their side and get back to me. Here is the reply that I received:
“Sorry for the little delay but we wanted to make sure we understood what happened and were curious to know how the restaurant management interpreted the situation.
After our research, it became clear to us the restaurant did not understood our policies. There should not have been any issues getting plates to your kids as they do not eat enough to justify even a kid’s meal. I understand, having 3, and when younger, my wife and I used to do this a lot for our kids.Anyway we will follow up with the restaurant to make sure they understand the reasoning so it can respond properly next time.
In the mean time, I would humbly ask for your home address so I can send you a little gesture of appreciation for helping us getting better.”

WOW! This response is an intelligent and professional one:
He showed initiative and leadership
He was prompt and calm in tone and vocabulary
He took the time to find out both sides of the story
He showed understanding of the client’s point of view
He gets extra points because he supports his staff and explains that it was just lack of clarity around policy
He outlines steps to be taken to improve
He states appreciation for the feedback because it offered an opportunity to improve

This is inspirational leadership. I will remember this scenario in a positive way and if ever I am in a similar situation, my intention will be to do as this man did.
What else do you like about the professionalism and leadership that this business person showed? How can you use this example in your own business? 






  • In addition to your thorough analysis, Corry, I like the fact that this man related your experience back to himself, by giving his own family as an example. He makes it personal, which reinforces the fact that he understands your concerns and issues.

    I always appreciate people who are able to acknowledge their shortcomings with maturity and professionalism, and this man did.

    And good for you for following up on this experience. You not only helped demonstrate what great leadership skills are made of, you also helped this restaurant improve their customer service.

  • steven hawk says:

    well done .. i really appreciate you

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