Lumina Spark as a Normalizing Psychometric Process

By September 30, 2015 Lumina Spark

I was a die-hard DISC practitioner until January 2015 when a colleague introduced me to Lumina Learning.  It is a rare privilege to have the opportunity to discover  such a game changer. Lumina brings the field of psychometric assessments to a whole new level and I am so proud to bring it to my clients. Here is a paragraph from Dr. Peter Smyth’s paper and you can click the link at the end to read the entire piece.

“So, we all have much in common with the clients of the CNIB, and with the “clients” of every social agency that deals with physical, mental, or spiritual “disabilities”. We have an innate need to be loved and to love, to be well and independent. Through this we can move beyond our dependency and become healthily interdependent. With awareness and acceptance of Self we can relate to ourselves and to others in a caring and loving manner. Lumina adds much to the detection and discovery of our own unique way. We can all make it to “the office”!
As an instrument of normalization, Lumina Spark is essentially second to none. With this comes hope based on understanding, and pursuant action based on clarity and intentionality.”

To read the entire article, click the link below

Lumina Spark as a Normalizing Psychometric Process by Dr Peter Smyth April 2015 (2)

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