Secrets of the Introvert


Today’s topic is the introverted aspect. Introverts are likely to be seen as level headed and private with their feelings so they can appear as quiet and serious. Those blessed with the introverted aspect can think before they speak or act especially when they are in a group setting. If this is you, you are probably measured in how you approach your work and not prone to displays of excitement. Introverts can produce great results when they work independently and don’t always find the opportunity to speak up in a crowd. That being said, they are listeners who take the opinions of others into consideration before they offer their own opinion. Qualities that you will spot in an introvert are observing, measured and intimate.

Like all of the human qualities, when person is coming from their underlying or everyday persona, the aspect will show up as a wonderful quality

However, when a person is over extended, the qualities will reveal their shadow sides.

In the case of the introvert, over extension shows it ugly head as appearing overly reserved and withdrawn. They can spend too much time listening and fail to make an effort to participate and contribute. People may feel that they are somber, unapproachable and closed off. When over extended, the introvert will communicate too much by writing and not enough connecting with others directly.

As a leader, you have got to keep your eyes and ears open to be able to spot these signs and then intervene. If you are over extended, be honest with yourself and take a good hard look at how your energy is affecting, may be even debilitating your workforce.

If you spot it in a direct report you have got to talk to this person and together, figure out what is causing the over extension and what can be done to resolve it. In the state of over extension the ability to deliver results and contribute to the success of organizational goals will naturally be extremely limited.

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