Success from the Source

By April 10, 2015 March 2nd, 2016 Leadership

Define success for yourself

True leaders have made a deep declaration within their souls that this life of success is the one which the Source has always intended them to live. They are boldly setting the example for all who interact with them. Their lives serve to teach by example because if The Source has intended it for them, It has intended it for everyone.

In whatever measure we seek it, success should not cause fear or alarm. Most of all, true leaders embrace success on their own terms, welcome it, and strive to work towards it, regardless of how it is defined in their own minds and souls. Marianne Williamson’s inspirational quote touches on this: “Your playing small does not serve the world.”

A wonderful by-product of success on one’s own terms is joy. To live consciously in the state of joy is to be a joy-maker, a teacher, a messenger, a living example of the embodiment of the Divine Spirit. To embrace joy is to give thanks to the Source for our blessings, and to express gratitude for these blessings by extending kindness to others, effectively “paying it forward”. It is to teach by example and become a waking prophet.

Balance your life

 This post concerns itself with business leadership; however, it is critical to realize that you cannot serve the world through your work if other areas of your life are neglected. As each of us is a reflection of the world, we must treat our life force energy as a micro-ecology of the planet. Balance and sustainability within our own lives is crucial to the ability to make lasting and meaningful contributions to humanity.

In addition, great ideas and creativity cannot come from a dry well. If there are parts of our lives in shadow, aspects which we consciously avoid or deny, there will be a corresponding blockage in the free flow of energy within our minds and bodies. This situation may manifest itself as mental fatigue, a lack of creativity, guilt surrounding the perceived neglect of a duty, or other, similar drains on our energy.

The true leader understands that great effort is only possible when nourishment is available in sufficient quantity and quality to restore equilibrium. As we attempt to restore balance to our neglected and abused planet, so should we strive to maintain equilibrium in our business and personal lives, so that we may always draw from a clean and healthy well.

( This post is adapted from The Complete Woman’s Manifesto)

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