The Leadership Ladder

By August 31, 2009 The Compassionate Edge

The ladder of success is a great metaphor for climbing and achieving new heights. 
As with a real ladder, the lower steps lead to the upper steps and the achievement of leadership goals.
Like climbing the ladder, your climb to leadership cannot start at the top, which we refer to as formal leadership. So then, where do you start?
You can only lead others once you can lead yourself, which means you must be able to set goals that are aligned with purpose and you must consistently achieve those goals. Once you can manage your life and career this way, then you will be able to direct others.
A great deal of self leadership is rooted in self image. This means that you must have a positive self image that is strong enough to support the two rungs above it, which are as described above, self leadership and formal leadership.
Where does a positive self image come from? The answer is self acceptance and comfort with who you are as a person.
Here is a recap of the 4 steps of the leadership ladder.
Bottom step: Self acceptance
Second step: Positive self image
Third step: Self leadership
Top step: Formal leadership
Where are you now and what work do you have to do to rise to the top?

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