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100 Best Life and Career Coach Blogs

By L. Fabry

( Hi, Corry here sneeking in to nudge you down the list where you will see that my blog is ranked the #3 career blog! yahoo!!! Not bad, not bad at all!! Read on:)

According to CNN, the number of coaches is double what was only a few years ago. Coaches can act as guides for clients who want to change careers, repair relationships, or get their life together. Below are the top 100 coach blogs on everything from life to career to relationships.

Best Life Coach Blogs

Visit these highly rated blogs to get advice on every aspect of life.

1. Anthony Robbins Blog: Famed life coach Tony Robbins recently had a reality show picked up by NBC. His blog is full of entries and videos containing tons of strategies and tips. His home site also has a free life plan tool, behavioral assessment, and referral program.

2. Someday Syndrome: If you feel stuck and nothing happens like you want it to, you have Someday Syndrome. Alex Fayle is the life coach for getting out of this mess, along with how not to go back in.

3. Coach T.I.A.: “Tia” inspires her readers to Take Inspired Actions through tips such as unreal expectations, detoxing thoughts and life, and six steps to release attachments. You can also get free life assessment forms for professional or personal life.

4. Contemplate Life Coaching Blog: Marian Kerr is a life coach who gives free access to her articles and book reviews, along with her blog. A recent entry asked the daring question: what if money was no object?

5. All Paths to Victory: Gaye Wilson is a professional life coach and editor. Read the blog to get information on how to live your dreams and other useful life and career tools.

6. Good Vibe Blog: Jeannette Maw shows you the Law of Attraction, what a Master Manifestor is, and how to further embrace your creative powers. She gives a list of recommended readings and her most popular post is drawing the line on love.

7. Steve Pavlina’s Personal Development Blog: He blogs on personal development for smart people. Top entries include ten reasons to never get a job, how to discover your life purpose in 20 minutes, and his wife even has a related blog that is linked to.

8. Lose the Excuses!: Corporate trainer and life coach Karyn Beach helps people overcome their excuses and gives them the motivation to live the lives they’ve only imagined. The latest posts involve blessings, self-care, and losing assumptions.

9. Flaming Renaissance: Megan is a fiery woman who is passionate about injecting abundance into your life. Categories of posts range from a kick in the butt to how to change your life.

10. Midlife Maze: Life Coach Ellen Besso shows men and women in their middle ages how to navigate their changing life. Popular entries include a three step plan to changing your thinking and the big 60.

11. M.A.D. Moments: Clare shows you how to better plan, prioritize, and organize to be more productive in your personal or business life. In addition to the blog, you can get three power time tips and other management resources.

12. Self Help Goddess: Mary Knebel keeps track of the best and the worst in self help resources. Get previews, reviews, and recommendations by reading her blog.

13. Martha Beck: Martha offers a range of services for those in need of a coach. Her blog is full of life altering and inspirational posts.

14. Pumpkin and Co. Ltd.: Frederique Murphy is the owner and the mission is to help clients achieve personal and business growth. A fairly new blog but the entries are impressive thus far.

15. Law of Attraction: Official Blog of Secrets: Not to be confused with the famous book, “The Secret,” this blog focuses on the law of attraction. Although it hasn’t been updated in a while, you can still read secret related posts.

Best Career Coach Blogs

Get professional coaching advice for everyone from assistants to managers with these blogs.

16. Corporate Presenter: Jeremy Jacobs is known at “The Voice” and offers many tips for the business minded. He gives advice on speeches, phone calls, and more.

17. Janet Slack is the owner of Life Adventure Coaching and gives tips on business, marketing, the entrepreneur, and technology. In addition to her blog, you can download her free eBook, “Biz Tips: Entrepreneur Edition.”

18. Potential to Performance: Corry runs this blog as an inner circle for business leaders. Recent entries include choices, leaving like a leader, and eat that frog.

19. The Savvy Entrepreneur: Cristina Favreau helps virtual office assistants find their authentic marketing voice. You can make a ton of extra money by following her tips or sign up for the Get Clients Now! program.

20. Get Known Now: Suzanne Falter-Barns shows you how to create an online presence that can attract the media. Get tips on how to promote your business or listen to one of her podcasts.

21. Patricia Weber: Pat is a business sales coach for introverts, the shy, and reluctant. Read her regularly updated blogs or click on resources to get links to her published articles for even more career tips.

22. Michele Woodward’s Coaching Blog: She helps individuals and businesses manage transition and achieve clarity of purpose. Visit her blog for useful tips and even a “Do Less, Get More” free audio class.

23. Internet Marketing Tips: Denise Wakeman is a skilled internet marketing strategist, whose observations can help you grow your business. Her blog is full of marketing tips including 101 low and no cost marketing tools.

24. Shine Bright…On Your Brand: Judy Winslow assists owners in growing their business through branding. Entries focus on lessons, creative ideas, and tips.

25. More Than WE Know: Visit this blog for information, inspiration, and support for women entrepreneurs. Liz coaches business owners with many top ten lists.

26. Prosperous Coach Blog: Rhonda Hess is a business coach who promotes success strategies. Recent posts include finding confidence, eight email habits, and boosting a business through a blog.

27. Compass Strategies: This is the blog of a executive coach, advisor, and business executive. A recent entry dealt with customer service and complaints.

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