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SUBJECT: No-Fee Open House Call – Thomas Leonard Success Strategies
Have you heard of Thomas Leonard, the father of modern professional coaching, and how he built a global movement from coaching that reached tens of thousands and built a multi-million dollar business? Or how he did it with almost no staff, living in an RV much of the time, and napping throughout the day?

At the time of his death in 2003, his General Manager was Andrea J. Lee, author of Multiple Streams of Coaching Income, and she’s just announced a historical first call to reveal 3 insider strategies she witnessed (and implemented) while working with him first hand.  Imagine learning the thought process of the man who put the coaching profession on the map, and then leveraging those methodologies for YOUR business.
This call already has over 800 people registered, but there is still space if you register soon.  Reserve your seat here now won’t you? And be sure to help spread the word by forwarding this to your coach colleagues.  They’ll be happy you did!

Note: The call will be recorded, so not to worry if you can’t attend that day. Although, Andrea is making 95 seats on the call open to participants who may receive laser coaching on the call.  It’s your choice whether you listen-only or participate – visit the link to find out more.  Either way, there’s no charge.

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Author:  Corry Robertson

Sought-after coaching culture expert, Corry Robertson has been helping leaders uplevel employee retention and performance for over 20 years.


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How To Become A Certified Coach

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