What do you choose?


You have the choice between being a ‘ho-hum’ kind of person who goes through the motions of each day or you could be the kind of person who is driven to search the depth of their potential.
I have to admit that the first choice makes me feel really depressed! I believe that each person is full of potential and is already programmed to achieve greatness on their own terms.
To achieve this greatness that you know is within you, you must be motivated and inspired by the possibilities of what may be. Where does this motivation come from? It is rooted in your belief in yourself, your curiosity for what is ‘out there’ waiting for you to come and get it, and by your desire to have what is meant for you.
Expand your self-image and your confidence will grow in tandem, you become stronger and you become more and more capable of achieving your goals.
Remember the words of Marianne Williamson “Your playing small does not serve the world.” I believe that if it is in you to dream it then it is in you to do it. Go out there and achieve greatness on your own terms!!!
Please join us on the first Thursday of the month at noon for my free tele-class series called Ready, Set, Succeed!
If you would like to sit in on this call, here are the call in instructions. 
Dial: 1-218-339-2626 
Access code: 118790
Please help me spread the word. If you know someone who could really use some support from me, forward this note to them. 

Author:  Corry Robertson

Sought-after tech industry culture expert, Corry Robertson has been helping leaders turbocharge employee retention and performance for over 20 years.


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  1. Shauna

    I love that quote from Marianne Williamson – it’s one of my favorites! Thanks for posting it here. We all need to be reminded on occasion how absolutely necessary it is to be our best self.


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