Conscious Leadership: Become A Better Leader [Infographic]


Conscious Leadership Become A Better Leader Infographic

Conscious Leadership: Instantly become a better leader and improve employee performance by adopting this mindset!


The Conscious Leader can answer this question about their company’s purpose:

Why does my company exist?

I communicate a purpose for how my company contributes to the greater good.

Bonus points if everyone in your company can communicate it too!

I work to ensure that our corporate social responsibility policies include the work we do, my workers, my workplace, and the world.


The Conscious Leader can answer this question about their company’s vision:

What is better because my company exists?

I create value for all of my company’s stakeholders, not just the shareholders.

I see my employees as ‘human beings’ and not ‘humans doing’ so my role is to help them thrive and in turn, my company will thrive.

I acknowledge that my company culture is a reflection of myself and by extension, my leadership team. Coaching and personal development starts with us.


The Conscious Leader can answer this question about their company’s mission:

How do we succeed at fulfilling our purpose?

We love profit but we are not at the mercy of the blind and unrelenting pursuit of money.

I insist that my executive team and I practice the style of leadership that fosters integrity, unity and trust among employees, suppliers and clients.

I profess that there is more to a career than building an impressive CV, acquiring wealth, status and power.

I shut down office politics, double standards, toxic behaviours, unreasonable demands and unhealthy stress, even it this gets short term results.

What’s Next?

If you do most of these things, then you are a conscious leader! Congratulations, you are using your powers for good!

If you are already a conscious leader or want to bring more conscious leadership into your company, The Coaching Academy for Leaders may be a good coaching, training and professional development resource for you.

To explore this further, book a quick call for a virtual coffee with Corry Robertson. This link will take you directly to her calendar and you can choose a time that is most convenient for you:

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