Part 1: For Your Company To Thrive, Your People Must Thrive


Alive from 9 to 5

Part 1: For Your Company To Thrive, Your People Must Thrive

It’s wonderful when things are going well at work – and in life . Don’t you just love those days when you’re feeling appreciated, you’re feeling valued, you’re feeling supported…and then ultimately, you’re happy to be where you are at work. It lifts you up, it makes you feel alive, inspired, energized. And that energy – not the energy that comes with coffee or sugar – but the kind that swells up inside of you, that leads you to put your whole being into what you’re doing. When you’re in that zone, your spirit is flying high! You’re inspired….and you inspire others just by being in the same room as them because your energy is contagious.

But I don’t live in a dream world….and neither do you. Our lives aren’t always like that. In as much as there’s a potential to feel alive, inspired and full of the energy at work, there’s also a potential for it to go the other way. Like I said earlier, like a drone…depleted, discouraged, undervalued, unappreciated. Those are the days that you need the coffee to dredge out any semblance of energy. Those are the days when your spirit is feels depleted and you are counting the minutes from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave and each and every one of them is like a punishment.

Leadership culture will make or break an organization.

What it is that allows a person to connect with the power within so that we can transform our potential to performance and lead the lives of our choosing?

What magic creates a workplace where people can come together, synergize, collaborate and co-create for the mutual success of themselves , each other and the organization?

My simple answer to this complex question is summed up by one word: Spirit.

My intention is for you to have that spirit in you every day, and to be Alive from 9 to 5.

That means that you and your direct reports if you have them come to work every day full of high spirits, vigor, courage and pride in yourselves and this company.

It means that you come to work inspired to fully engage and to inspire those around you to engage whether or not you are responsible for the results of others.

It means that you are working with spirit, engaging yourself and others.

In this series, I am going to share with you some ideas how you can implement the philosophy of Spirit at work, and how really understanding and using that spirit can lead you to harnessing your true, source of energy…allowing you and your workforce to really be Alive from 9 to 5.

Specifically, how do leaders use spirit to build and maintain employee engagement and what can a company’s leadership do to maintain and enhance this Spirit at work so that the workforce is truly Alive from 9 to 5.

Let me talk about Spirit for a moment.

The word inspiration means to be in spirit. Are Leaders not looked upon for inspiration and called upon to inspire?

Our time at work takes up such huge part of our lives so we owe it to ourselves to tap into our spirits to find the essence of our power. We owe it to those who employ us as well as to those who report up to us to build a culture where there is spirit at work and people are alive from 9 to 5 because, for your company to thrive, the people must thrive.

Come visit next week to read how you don’t need a fairy god mother to cast a spell that brings much needed cash and savings to your company. You have the magic at hand and I am going to tell you where!

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Author:  Corry Robertson

Sought-after coaching culture expert, Corry Robertson has been helping leaders uplevel employee retention and performance for over 20 years.


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