Part 5: The Portal to Success


mentor and coaching, leadership coaching in the workplace, employee engagement

The Mastermind

The concept of “the mastermind alliance” was formally introduced by Napoleon Hill in his timeless classic, “Think and Grow Rich” published in 1937. He described a mastermind group as:

“A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage each other to follow through with both plan and purpose.”

mentor and coaching, leadership coaching in the workplace, employee engagement

Hill firmly believed that belonging to such a group was a way of taking your personal and professional life to the next level. Although Hill popularized the concept, many believe he drew his inspiration from his mentor, Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie was the founder of a Chicago group of business people known as the Big 6. The members included William Wrigley Jr. of Wrigley’s chewing gum, as well as John D. Hertz and William Ritchie, who owned The Yellow Cab Company.

Going back even further in time, Benjamin Franklin formed a club for mutual improvement called Junto in 1727. Franklin brought this group of friends together to provide a structured form of mutual improvement. The members were drawn from diverse occupations and backgrounds, but they all shared a spirit of inquiry and a desire to improve themselves and their community.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a powerful approach to self-improvement that is both art and science. A masterful coach forms a partnership with her clients to create a unique space for discussions that involves active listening, thorough inquiry, and honest feedback.

Clients are guided through a self-discovery process that them to gain access to their greatest potential for transformation, sustainable personal growth and accelerated achievement. This same approach and its extraordinary results are then integrated into workplace performance with renewed leadership.


mentor and coaching, leadership coaching in the workplace, employee engagement


Research conducted by The International Coach Federation and the Human Capital Institute in 2016 determined that coaching leads to improved team functioning, increased engagement, greater productivity, improved employee relations, and faster leadership development. The same report indicates that coaching also helps to improve the financial performance of companies.


The Executive Suite Mastermind

This unique club takes the President’s Roundtable to a whole new level to help you to accelerate your company’s achievements and success. It’s a catalyst like no other!

The Executive Suite Mastermind incorporates the best of executive coaching and mastermind strategies that I’ve honed over the past many years.

Each roundtable group consists of a small group of executives who meet up to 12 times annually within three distinct meeting formats.

To support self-discovery, the first format is for all new members. They are invited to complete the Lumina Spark Psychometric Assessment and to attend a group debriefing session. This session will show you how to interpret your report and gain interesting insights about your character strengths and potential blind spots.

The second format brings the small group sets together 9 times per year. A professional facilitator guides the conversation during these sessions through our uniquely structured process incorporating the best of mastermind and executive coaching strategies.

Although this signature process is deceptively simple, it helps members to explore and leverage each other’s knowledge, wisdom, experience, and strengths. The result? An unprecedented opportunity to tap into resources to accelerate high-level achievement.

The third meeting format is an open house event that takes place twice a year. This is where all of the club members are invited to take part in a high-level professional development and networking opportunity. These are the only two events of the year where non-members are invited to join us so that they can assess if this club is for them.

What makes us so powerful?


mentor and coaching, leadership coaching in the workplace, employee engagement, executive roundtable


Our club brings together members from a broad spectrum of industries, company sizes and generations. We believe that today’s leaders want to invigorate their capacity for innovation in all realms of business management so we offer the space to cross-pollinate ideas with people who have much in common with you yet may also be quite different. The club offers the opportunity to look at situations from a fresh perspective but calling upon years of varied experience.


If you think a seat at this table is for you, please follow this link for access to more information or book a consultation with me. See my real-time availability here and reserve time with me:

The importance of employee engagement, why it is missing from many companies and how to achieve it are issues that I have been observing for most of my career.  Writing about my years of practice, fact-finding missions and observation, I am now very pleased to share my latest blog series on employee engagement, what it means and how to achieve it.

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Part 5: The Portal to Success: The Executive Mastermind Alliance

If this or any of my posts strike a chord with you, please leave your opinion or share your own story.

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Author:  Corry Robertson

Sought-after coaching culture expert, Corry Robertson has been helping leaders uplevel employee retention and performance for over 20 years.


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