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For your convenience, below is a list of all the latest additions to the reference library. Although the list will change every month, the links will remain available under corresponding tabs.


  • “The-Effects-of-Ethnicity-and-Culture” Source: Lumina Learning [Link]
  • “The Feedback Fallacy” Source: HBR [Link]
  • “Telework Burnout and Zoom Fatigue: Much More Complicated Than They Appear” Source: Entrepreneur [Link]
  • “Psychological safety and the critical role of leadership development” Source: McKinsey and Company [Link]
  • “How to Create Psychological Safety Among a Team” Source: Entrepreneur [Link]
  • “3 Ways to Battle Burnout in Your Company for Good” Source: Inc. [Link]
  • “Great Leaders Don’t Hide Their Struggles From Their Team” Source: Entrepreneur [Link]
  • “How Values-Based Leadership Transforms Organizational Cultures” Source: Inc. [Link]
  • 5 Ways To Evolve Company Culture In A Hybrid World” Source: Forbes [Link]
  • What Psychological Safety Looks Like in a Hybrid Workplace” Source: HBR [Link]

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Small Version of Lumina Spark Training Video

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Lumina Learning Psychometric Assessment Resources

Lumina Splash App – Video Training Guides

Small Version of Lumina Spark Training Video

Watch my Lumina Splash App Video Guides below and learn how to use this simple tool for better work communication and less conflict.  

Lumina Spark Validity Fact Sheet

Get all the data! This document is a summary of the statistical findings which support the internal validity and reliability of the
Lumina Spark Model.

Leadership Resource Downloads

Improve Your Virtual Team Meetings

Improve Your Virtual Meetings Guide

Use this powerful meeting format and stay connected, productive and accountable with your remote team.

7 Hidden Pitfalls In Your Leadership Development Program – And How To Avoid Them

7 Hidden Pitfalls in your Leadership Development Program Guide

It’s important to take a look below the surface and be aware of the 7 hidden pitfalls that are often ignored when organizations begin to create their leadership development programs.

Inside The Mind Of A Consious Leader [Infographic]

7 Hidden Pitfalls in your Leadership Development Program Guide

Instantly become a better leader and improve employee performance when you adopt this mindset.

Referring A Client To Therapy – A Set Of Guidelines

Refer A Client To Therapy

This guide is a resource for coaches to understand when and how to refer a client to a mental health or other helping professional when the client’s needs are outside a coach’s competencies. 

Debugging Leadership In The Workplace

Refer A Client To Therapy

This article explores the unique risks that leaders take when they are intensely focused on work outcomes instead of employee engagement and work values and ethics.

Learning Videos

What is Servant Leadership?

The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

Brené Brown on Empathy

The Elephant, The Rider and the Path – A Tale of Behavior Change

How to tame your Advice Monster | Michael Bungay Stanier

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